Converting your garage into a  business

garage conversion for business

We all constantly try to discover new ways of utilising the space we have in our home to maximise the efficiency of the space and one of the most effective ways is to convert the garage to a dedicated and private home working area or office. More and more people are turning to this option these days. Not only does it save on commuting costs but you can generate an income without leaving your house. The options are varied and largely depend on the layout your own home and its total floor plan.

Everything from an attic which is normally entered to get the Christmas decorations, a basement or a corner of the bedroom can be turned into a smart workspace. But for those looking to shape a dedicated and specifically designed home office or work area that is totally separate from the main living area, the garage offers a serious and inventive alternative.

Transforming the garage into a home office is something that demands the right planning and a bit of imagination. A spacious garage can act as much more than a home office or workplace. It can also be another living area or an informal recreational area or even a homework area for the kids when needed. From the stylish and elaborate to the functional and basic. It can also be a place where customers can come and feel relaxed, just take a look at our garage to a hairdresser’s conversion in our gallery.

Getting the Basics Right

To convert the garage into a home office, you need to start by ensuring the garage is actually usable for more permanent living. Think about the flooring of the garage and if it’s concrete (which is generally the case) the use of floor tiles, carpet tiles or other soft, warm flooring surfaces to make that the room feel comfortable all year round. Then consider the walls and windows and think about how you can improve the insulation of the whole area. It’s true to say most garages have very poor insulation and, if you replace the windows and add another layer of drywall, you can easily make it a more pleasing, inviting and all-season space.

Style and Aesthetics

Once you have converted the garage into a more usable setting, it’s time to turn your attention to the style and practical layout of the room. Start with the fixtures, fittings and furniture. Decide what theme you want, contemporary, industrial, minimalist, etc, then choose the appropriate desk, chairs and shelving for your office needs before you consider decorative items. Remember also, a white or a light neutral colour scheme also makes the area feel light and airy and keeps down visual clutter giving the office a relaxing ambience.

Lighting, Security and More

The correct type of main and ambient lighting is vital in a home office or business, but more often than not, garages can be filled with natural light by replacing the old garage door with translucent glass panels or sliding glass doors. And you can improve ventilation, which is healthier for your working day.