Converting your garage into a Summer Room

convert garage summer room

A Summer Room should offer more than a room to enjoy when the sun is shining, especially as most of us in the UK only get a few sunny days each year. They differ from a conservatory which are traditionally fully glazed, whereas a sunroom is a permanent structure that acts as extra link-room between the home and the garden.

The beauty of them is that they let in plenty of light without being made completely of glass. Usually they comprise of several elevations fully or partly constructed of various materials such as brick, blockwork or timber.

A Summer Room is designed to be used 12 months of the year therefore the design will need to factor in both heating and cooling in order to offer comfortable living during the summer and winter months.

It is, however, more expensive to build as your budget will need to take into account the extras that will come with keeping the space both warm and cool. With that in mind, you should aim to make it as energy efficient as you possible can.