Converting your garage into a gym

garage conversion gym
Home gyms are becoming more and more popular with around 30% of all exercise equipment currently being purchased for homes. This, alongside the increasing cost of gym membership, is making home gyms a desirable addition to houses. There’s obviously a cost involved to achieving your fitness but it could save money in the long term, particularly if you use it regularly, yet a garage gym conversion can be achieved on a budget (and save money in the long run). However, there are things you need to consider and be addressed from the outset such as insulation and the right type of garage door.

Benefits of having a Home Gym in your Garage

Having a gym in your garage provides some great benefits, such as:
      • No more excuses for not going out to a local gym
      • Having your choice of equipment right there at your fingertips.
      • Getting dressed in the comfort of your own home
      • Workout 24/7 with the gym never shutting
      • Play whatever music you like, when you like.
      • Save money on travelling to and from your local gym

The best pieces of equipment for an overall workout are:

      • Dumbbells/Barbells.
      • Bench
      • Squat Rack
      • Rowing Machine
      • Exercise bike

Once you have the basic equipment, there’s a chance you end up with more space than expected and you are able to purchase more equipment as your garage gym conversion develops - along with your muscles.


Keeping your gym equipment safely protected and in good condition is a high priority so it’s essential you have a suitable and robust garage door, for both security and insulation.

Side-hinged garage doors

A side-hinged door is an ideal solution for more privacy if you don’t want people to see into the opening and put all your equipment on show. You’ll also be able to keep just half of the door open to circulate some air yet retain your privacy.

Sectional garage doors

These types of garage doors are an excellent choice for converting a garage into a gym and are becoming more and more popular They not only give you space-saving benefits but also feature a weather-resistant seal around the edges protecting your garage from wind, rain and drafts. It’s also worth consider that, while you want a garage door fit for purpose for your gym, you may wish to convert it back to a garage in due course so check that whatever garage door you choose is fit for use as both a garage gym conversion and a conventional garage.